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We focus on the selling of lodges as well as agricultural properties, and we also oversee appraisals & moveable private auctions, in and around Gauteng. Get involved right now, view our great deal of listed properties for sale in Sandton, Strathavon, by heading to our web-site.

Our specific auction services consist of:

  • Auction of leisure farm and industrial, commercial properties
  • Valuation of industrial, commercial and lodges properties
  • Buying or selling of Moveable Items (ie. Equipment)

Bidders Choice is one of South Africa’s most thriving auction houses that largely focuses on residential (as well as lodges) property auctions, appraisals & moveable auctions. Have a look at what’s now available in your area – Strathavon, Gauteng.

Auction! Industrial Property In Strathavon, Sandton With Bidders Choice

If you’re interested in auctioning assets and property, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives. Our office phone number is: (0861) 444-242

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