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Auctions (either public or private) signify a simple and productive method of selling off and buying property, having said that, Bidders Choice is your leading auctioneer in & around Sandown, Sandton

We have extensive expertise and property knowledge within the auction sector. With that in mind, another advantage of working with us, we’re also a culturally diversified company, allowing us the opportunity of operating in all market segments.

Our organisation is one of the most outstanding auctioneering firms in Sandton, Sandown, & we operate nationwide. Visit our on-line site to check out which property auctions are available. We trust you will see all the necessary details you ought to have on our property auctions together with the procedures involved.

Consider Property Auctions In Sandown, Sandton – Bidders Choice (Sandown)

Should you be interested in selling or buying commercial property, kindly contact one of our sales team. Our land-line telephone number is: (0861) 444-242

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