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Bidders Choice are excellent auctioneers in & around Mofolo Central. Keep in mind, our talented, proficient, expert staff have been trained to comprehend the particular needs as well as criteria of each one of our valued clients.

Each of our property industry experts were selected for their commitment to the business of property. They are all extremely well trained in every aspect of applying the Bidders Choice approach in commercial property auctions, this is just one area where they do incredibly well.

Being committed to exceptional customer service drives our day-to-day business decisions. Our staff are experts in their line of business, who put in a lot of hard work to make sure our properties are superior to other companies. By visiting our web site you’ll be able to view the top rated Property Auctions in Mofolo Central.

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For anybody who is interested in auctioning assets and/or industrial property, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives. Our land line telephone number is: (0861) 44-42-42

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