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Prime Commercial Properties in Belfast up for grabs


Calling all property investors, prospective business owners. Three exclusive commercial properties based in the main business centre of Belfast, Mpumalanga have just come on the market. From the existing Midas and Scrapyard, Belfast Packaging, to an Antique Shop and Guesthouse. These auction properties are opportunities that cannot be missed! The commercial properties are based in Steven Masango Street, Belfast, Mpumalanga and will be on auction on 17 May 2018 at 10h00am on the premises.

To begin, the stock of Belfast Packaging, Midas franchise, Truck and Trailer – bolt and nut as well as the Antique shop and Guesthouse will be auctioned separately. Thereafter the properties of Midas and Scrapyard, Belfast Packaging as well as the Antique shop and Guesthouse will be auctioned with their stock.

The scrapyard content in its entirety will be auctioned separately.

The fully operational Belfast Midas with stock is an excellent business and a great property investment. This property includes the Midas building and various workshops and offices, as well as the Truck and Trailer – bolt and nut business. Adding to this, the 7952 square meter property comes with a huge yard.

The Belfast Packaging property is based on 1136 square meters and comes complete with an open shed.

The Antique shop with four-bedroom guesthouse is based on 2855 square meters of land providing ample space for all business or commercial needs.

On the day, various items will be auctioned, inter alia mining equipment, vintage tractors, implements and vehicles, as well as a 60 ton weighbridge, electric motors, gearboxes, engines and many more.

To find out more and receive a list of assets and movables on auction, please visit www.bidderschoice.co.za or contact Pieter Geldenhuys at 082 808 1801.