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110 Porter and 103 Hoy Avenue, Vulcania, Brakpan

Brakpan is an ideal location for industry and warehousing, as it is central and provides ease of access  for distribution for all areas of Gauteng.

There are two properties going on auction with Bidder’s Choice and will be sold as one property.The  first is located at 110 Porter Avenue and the second is at 103 Hoy Avenue. These comprise large storage and warehousing space, as well as neat, tidy office space. Under roof, the warehouse is 4567m², while the offices under roof are 410m². In addition to this space, there is 2590m² parking space, and 791m² of shadenet. Together, the total of this amounts to a sizeable 14730m², or 1.4727  hectares.

The warehouse is ideal for car storage, and can store around 650 vehicles, while the office space is ample and comfortable enough to accommodate a large business, with enough parking for all.