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agricultural propertiesThere is an increasing demand for agricultural properties in South Africa. Those who buy agricultural land do so for completely different reasons to those buying any other kind of property. One of the main considerations and therefore expenses is zoning for that property, particularly if you are buying vacant land that has not yet been zoned by the current owner.
Here are some of the other more important considerations when looking at agricultural properties for sale:

Property Consultant

This is the foremost consideration when looking at buying an agricultural property. As this kind of property purchase is quite unique, you’ll need an estate agent who is experienced in the process of selling agricultural land. Other than zoning, you’ll need someone who also knows about details such as water and electricity rights, the process for obtaining plumbing for the land, the type of soil on the property etc.


As most agricultural properties are used for various kinds of farming, it’s important to know exactly what kind of soil you require for your farming practices. Vegetation farming will require different soil to farming animals so research this thoroughly before purchasing. Remember as well that if nutrients are missing from the soil, it will cost more money to add these in to make it suitable for your purposes, which leads to the next point…


There are almost always unexpected costs when building on vacant land, whether for agricultural, residential or commercial purposes. This is simply a part of the process and even the best real estate agents and the most experienced buyers will not be able to foresee all costs in the future. It is for this reason that you should budget as accurately as possible. The cost of buying the land is, in reality, only the first expense in the process.

Moveable and Immovable Property

When negotiating, it is important that all parties involves (seller, buyer and agent) are aware of exactly what moveable and immovable items will be included and excluded in the sale. While at times, some of these considerations may seem over cautious, it is better to be safe than sorry. Some of the property that you’ll need to consider are gates, farming equipment on the property, portable sheds, feeders and livestock panels, to name a few.

Land History

This is extremely important in South Africa. It is vital to know the history of the land before buying: is it a cultural heritage site? This will impact massively on what you can and cannot do with the property.

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